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UK Sports Tours

The UKSDA's Sports Tour Division specialise in preparing tours for members and sports clubs at all levels from recreational to amatuer, professional and elite.

Members approach us to put in place superb competitive fixtures, tournaments and championships across the UK. Our partner hotels form an integral and important element in the success of each one of our tours.


UKSDA Partner Hotels

From time to time we invite selected 3 - 5 star hotels to consider the value, benefits and advantages of becoming an approved UKSDA Partner Hotel. We work with nominee hotels to ensure that the facilities and guest experience they provide has parity with the expectation level of our members.

Benefits for UKSDA Partner Hotels include:

UKSDA Hotel Partner's benefit from increased exposure, additional revenues, focused and targeted marketing support, bookings across the year from peak periods and into the shoulder months.


We provide both small and large groups with an exceptionally high level of service, from a team of just 6 to a group of 120 and more.


Take a look at the benefits below to discover more about the advantages of Hotel Partner status. If you then want to know more please complete the online application form below or email 

Occupancy rates ADR

Partnership can help to improve room occupancy rates at your hotel, especially during the ‘shoulder’ months of the year, with Sunday arrivals and across the out of season periods.

F&B Revenue

UKSDA members will bring additional F&B revenue into your hotel from trophy presentation evenings, local and visiting club dinners, and special occasions.

UKSDA partnership provides a unique and exclusive low cost, high impact marketing tool to increase the number of guests staying and spending at your hotel throughout the year.


Bookings RevPAR

In addition to the group tours we introduce to your hotel, you will be able to contact  individual members through a variety of channels which will be open for you to promote special offers, and events.

We encourage tour leaders and individual members who have stayed at your hotel to write their independent views about your hotel .

Advice, support and action to help you market your hotel and its facilities to tour leaders couples, families and individual UKSDA members.

How does it work?

UKSDA sports tours are a value added proposition that many of our members, clubs and associations benefit from.

Hotel selection and approval status
Only 3 hotels in a 10 km radius gain UKSDA status. The approval process is thorough and frequently reviewed.

Partner hotels RfQ:
Partner Hotels are included in a request for quoting specific to the area where a member club or association want to tour. The hotel submits their bid to the UKSDA. In turn the UKSDA analyse the offers.

The tour elements:
Each element of the tour is considered, planned and costed. A final programme is prepared and submitted to the club. 

The hotel booking:
When the tour programme is agreed the club will confirm the booking directly with the preferred partner hotel.

Discounts & Levels of Service:
On behalf of the member the UKSDA negotiate with the partner hotel the options available to provide the best levels of service at the best possible price. 

Commissions and fees: the UKSDA does not take or apply a surcharge or a commission or fee from or to the partner hotel or a member or a member club.


You Can Choose Between 1 of 2
Hotel Partnership Options

Option 1 - Small Group Partnership
Option 2 - Larger Group Partnership

Option 1 - Small Group Partnership ( for 1 - 10 Guests )

Ideal for smaller hotels (25 rooms or less) or for those hotels who prefer small group business.

Promote your hotel on the member pages on the UKSDA website reaching 440,000 members.

Receive enquiries throughout the year for overnight, week-end and weekly room bookings.

Feature in the Members Offers section to fill in those last minute occupancy gaps.

Participate in the email campaigns distributed to over 440,000 UKSDA Members.

Interact with other UKSDA Partners to create a bespoke offer to UKSDA Members.

Participate in promotions on the UKSDA Tours website and UKSDA social media channels.

Have a free 3 minute video production of your hotel produced for you.

Receive support and advice from the UKSDA team including hotel visits for business development.

If you are keen to drive leisure and group business to your hotel then this is the option for you!

Access all of the benefits outlined in Option 1 above plus:

Receive enquiries throughout the year for overnight, week-end and weekly room bookings.

Service enquiries for banqueting events from local and regional UKSDA sports clubs

Provide banqueting on the 'End of Tour'  night for the touring club and the local sports clubs

Increase sales revenues from 'wet and dry sales'

Have a free 5 minute video production of your hotel produced for you.

Gain exposure to UKSDA tour group operator members throughout year.

Target 'shoulder months of the year' well in advance to fill with groups and relieve the pressure on sales revenue and improve occupancy levels.

Participate in the monthly e-blast of special member offers to UKSDA Sports Clubs and Associations.

Gain editorial exposure in UKSDA portfolio of publications, TechLab, ClubNet and the flagship Sports Magazine and regional club newsletter.

Option 2 - Larger Group Partnership ( for 11 - 80+ Guests )

Hotel Partner Prices & Plans

No Annual Partnership Fees
There is no annual contract.
Fees are monthly based on a minimum of a 90 day period for each partnership cycle.
You can opt out by giving 30 days notice in advance, prior to the end of a 90-day cycle.
Therafter you can 'pop in and out' of your account on a month by month basis, to suit your business dynamics. 

Option 1 - Small Group Partnership ( for 1 - 10 Guests )
Option 1: Partnership fees are £28.00 per month 

Option 2 - Larger Group Partnership ( for 11 - 80+ Guests )
Option 2: Partnership fees are £42.00 per month


Apply For Hotel Partnership

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