"It's our job to help our partners make connections in our world and work with them to develop the  opportunities for our members".


The Department for Culture, Media & Sport is responsible for sports policy - helping people play sport from an early age and encouraging them to keep playing sport throughout their lives. DCMS also works with and provides funding to UK Sport, the national high performance sports agency, to help elite athletes achieve their potential. National Lottery and the Exchequer funding goes towards continuing to identify our best athletes and help them train, while also giving them more opportunities to compete in the UK to qualify and prepare for Olympic and Paralympic Games.


By joining the UKSDA Partner Programme you will be declaring your support for the professional and amateur sporting bodies in the world of sports and receational well-being.

Your involvement as a UKSDA Partner can give your business valuable exposure and connections with sports clubs, sports people, who are engaged in sporting activity at either amateur or professional levels, sports personalities and our increasing number of individual members, in the UK, within the 18 - 90+ age group demographic.


UKSDA Partnership can be leveraged and modulated to meet the dynamics of your business demands. Partners use the marketing platform to help them to deliver a variety of commercial objectives including:

  • increasing brand awareness
  • promotiing seasonal offers
  • driving online visits or in-store footfall
  • boosting sales revenue by
  • demographic targeting

Partner marketing channels include:


Partners can create promotional offers, exclusively for UKSDA members, which can be  programmed to boost sales revenue flows as part of an online or instore campaign.

Partners can gain direct engagement with over 440,000 UKSDA members, supporters and spectators.

Partners have flexibility to promote redemption offers for their on-line products, and services.

Demographic targeting

An audience that means business

With UKSDA, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Market to a broad spectrum of people who are health conscious, who are sports orientated, who are fashion conscious, who eat good food, who range from 18 - 90+ years of age, and have disposable income.

Combine targeting criteria across the UKSDA membership to build your ideal audience: young budding atheltes, middle-aged team sports players, professional sports people, mature sports people, or those who play sport at a recreational level.

Use the tick box menu and enquiry form below and we will get back to you with a few ideas and some ball park figures.

Our viewpoint

We recognize the value of sport as a global phenomenon that transcends language, religion, and culture, and therefore its ability to provide simple, practical ways of bringing people together. Sport inspires people to fulfill their potential and we thrive on the positive cultural impact it provides to our members, participants, club coaches and wider community.

We believe in partnership, not sponsorship, and like to approach things in a different way. Effective partnerships have been at the heart our success, working with a range of institutions and commercial organisations to meet mutual objectives.

Let's connect
If we combine our expertise with yours, we can achieve dynamic results. We can work together to open doors to new opportunities for you and our members. We can help you define the level of engagement with our audiences that works for you.

What could UKSDA Partnership do for your business ?

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