Without spectators

can't run


When you’re a local sports club working with a limited budget, it can be a challenge to decide where best to allocate precious funds. High on your priority list will be ensuring you get as many people attending each event as possible and that you then maximise the potential revenue generated from those visitors.

But to encourage attendance and nurture loyalty among fans, a big part of the process is looking at the ‘experience’ spectators receive. That means from visiting your website and purchasing tickets, to arriving at the ground and what they do whilst there, right through to when they return home again. Plus, every touch point along the way – all the times they come into contact, or in anyway communicate, with your club and its representatives.

Because all spectators have expectations (and not just about what should be happening on the field of play). That’s why it’s so important to consider the whole package – the spectator experience you are providing.

Every one of the elements we’ve mentioned will ultimately influence whether it’s a memorable and enjoyable experience (regardless of the result) and something that they’d like to repeat – or not. UKSDA helps its members to develop their spectator marketing and communications programmes to encourage more people to attend and create additional revenue channels.

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