"ClubNet will it be  easy? "Nope."

"Will it be worth it."


ClubNet was rolled out as a pilot scheme in October 2021 on a regional basis more recently it has been offered to a greater number of clubs. 

ClubNet is a programme that supports sports clubs and organisations to deliver insight-driven and participant initiatives, plans, products and experiences. Its purpose is two fold. one to ensure that those who want to be are the best they can be in their field and secondly to provide member clubs and associations with additional revenue streams to help ensure their future. 

Given its initial success of this we now have plans for ClubNet to be available to all UK clubs by Q1 2023. ClubNet will be a showcase of clubs into which sponsors, international agencies and organisations can participate in on a commercial basis. In this embryonic stage ClubNet is based on a point scoring system with the partners and sponsors of the UKSDA matching every £1 of income, achieved by the club or individual athlete by a factor of 4.  

In addition, there is a grand prize of £2500 available for the club which has increased its annual income by the greatest incremental amount and a runner up prize based on the same formula of £1200. 

There is also a one-off prize of £2000 for the club which in the opinion of the judging panel has elevated the presence of its club and the sport, this is measured by the increase in the number of new members and the performance of the club or an individual sports person within the club. Any UK Amateur Sports Club irrespective of size or standing can register and participate.  

Register here.  

Registration is free. On receipt of your registration, we will contact you to advise as to how we can take your interest in ClubNet to the next stage. 

If you require any further information, please email for details to: clubnet@uksda.uk 

ClubNet Application

Future proof your club and your sports people through an integrated approach to recurring sources of funding.

Be Empowered by Sport is an initiaitve which aims to increase participation in sport, strengthen social inclusion and promote the voluntary activities of marginalised, socially excluded youth in UK. 


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