"Before or after work make time for your 20 minute work out."

"People stop playing sports because they never take the time to think about what’s important. If we don’t have a clear path in mind, we take the path of least resistance. That path almost never involves going out of our way to stay active. It’s almost always more comfortable to sit on that couch than it is to exercise".
Michael Bellicher, UKSDA

Since its launch BeyondWork has been engaged in developing a series of sports from: Cricket and Rugby, Quidditch, Hockey, Basketball, - Sprint & Cross Country Running to Team Fitness Classes.

Beyond Work organises workplace teams, family and friends into teams of 5 - 12 for each of these sports, either gender or non-gender specific and parity by age (18+). Each team is placed into a regional league based on post code and county. 

Each of these sports run in parallel by season to those played at a national level, although several are now held 48 weeks of the year, once a week in the evening or at weekends during the day. Prizes range from £100.00 to £1500.00, plus bragging rights, are up for the UKSDA BeyondWork league champion.

Do you think you make a good team with your colleagues? Come to BeyondWork, the competition that will prove which team is the best at a specific sport.

Link from here to learn how you can enter and participate in BeyondWork.


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