Keeping sports clubs & sports people abreast of legislation 

The UK Sports Development Association acts as the collective voice for its members to ensure the sector is at the forefront of central government and legislative decisions that affect sporting provisions across the UK. 


Our members act as our eyes and ears on the ground. We need their input to ensure that sport and recreation in the UK is protected for future generations.

The tools we use to achieve this objective are:  


  • We regularly take evidence from members and partners to support our position
  • Maintaining a constant watch on proposed legislation and emerging policy
  • Responding coherently to governmental select committee  consultations
  • Participate in frequent meetings with UK Government Ministers
  • Talk with Local Authorities and stakeholders who can have an impact on our sector
  • Work and share information with other relevant third sector parties


and in addition: 


The UKSDA published the “Fit for The Purpose” report, this forms the basis of its advocacy and includes four key areas where support is needed: 

  • Make innovative use of club facilities & accurately value the capital costs for investment
  • Increasing the deployment of technology in sport
  • Engaging with third parties to modernise the image of sport amongst the general public
  • Develop leaders in sport away from the 'field of play'



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