Activate 55 is a UKSDA programme aimed at encouraging people over 55 to become more active more often through recreational, sport and physical activity in the towns and regions across the UK. 

Activate 55 helps to increase the opportunities in targeted groups to participate in sport, physical and recreational activities across key life-course social transitions including retiring from work.

Activate55 is designed to remove some of the barriers that prevent more mature people from participating in a variety of sporting activities. This initiative supports them to lead a more active and socially engaging life. 

Activate55 will be delivered in 5 locations across England during 2022 and will be rolled out to more areas over the next two year.

UKSDA Members can gain more information in the members section. 

Jack Attack is an urban take on the traditional game of bowls. Set in a variety of different areas; pub gardens, civic parks, building roof tops, or stately homes and fuelled by craft ales, exotic street foods and sound-tracked by some of the UK's best DJs.  


The Jack Attack Bowls team are devoted to bringing this traditional British game right into the 21st Century with colour, fun, diverse players, with a unique style of game play.  


So, if you fancy trying something fun, colourful and quintessentially English then contact us and we will put you in contact with the franchisee in your area.  Or log in to the members area for more details. 

Box Cricket uses the game to promote social cohesion and create opportunities to young people in diverse communities affected by anti-social behaviour and youth crime. Every child, no matter where they live should have the opportunity to play or try cricket. Box Cricket is used in areas where there are no clubs or no green spaces in inner-city areas to make cricket accessible for all. 

Box Cricket is a fast-paced game lasting 20 balls per
team, taking 20 minutes to complete. The game needs
very little equipment and is ideal for inner-city venues.   

To get involved sign in and follow the link.


Curling the Stone we have teamed up with Sports Surfaces Inc. to enable the game of curling (Curling the Stone) to be played in any outdoor or indoor environment, anytime of the year and most importantly it plays just like the real thing – as if you were on ice. 

This immersive, alpine themed, curling infused pop-up is the perfect way to connect and we want UKSDA members to be a part of it.

Combining a short, fast form of curling with wintery cocktails, premium delicious pizzas, festive music,
flamboyant entertainment and much more, Curling the Stone is the perfect way to experience the après ski vibes in a all-inclusive competitive, social environment. 

'Team Parents'

If you want your child to come out of their youth sports experience a winner (feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude towards sports), then they need your help! You are a vital and important part of the coach-athlete-parent team.

Their sport experience will serve as a positive model for them to follow as they approach other challenges and obstacles throughout life. If you "drop the ball" or run the wrong way with it, your child will stop learning, experience performance difficulties and blocks, 

Parents can gain an insight into how they can advance their children's passion for their sport through the UKSDA guide 'Team Parents', it is free to download to all registered members.

Future proof your club and your sports people through an integrated approach to recurring sources of funding.

Be Empowered by Sport is an initiaitve which aims to increase participation in sport, strengthen social inclusion and promote the voluntary activities of marginalised, socially excluded youth in UK.


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