UKSDA helps sports clubs to maximise commercial opportunities, it also supports individuals who want to develop their sporting prowess.


There are 151,000 sports clubs in the UK, which each club having an average of 141 adult members, that's over 21 million people.

On a social scale the average sports club has 33 non-participating members this shows that clubs don't merely offer opportunities to play sport, but act as a social environment within the community.

Overall, participating adult membership levels at the average sports club are 29% higher now than they were three years ago.

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Did you know?

We're an independent NGO body responsible for growing and developing the UK sports industry from the grassroots up and getting more people active in a whole different variety of sports across the UK.

We’re working to keep movement, sport, and physical activity central to the lives of everyone through a combination of private and public investment, commercial partner activity, sponsorship and crowdfunding.

We work with and alongside sports associations, sports clubs (small and large), individual sports people from amateurs to professionals, and people in the community from students to retired folk.

As we adapt and rebuild from the huge disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we need to collectively reimagine how we keep movement, sport, and activity central to the lives of everyone. Because if we harness its power, we’ll be able to improve people’s lives in so many ways.

We believe sport and physical activity has a big role to play in improving the physical and mental health of the population, supporting the economy, reconnecting communities, and rebuilding a stronger dynamic fitter society for all.

We seek to tackle the inequalities we’ve long seen in sport and physical activity. Providing opportunities to people and communities that have traditionally been left behind, and helping to remove the barriers to activity, are a priority for us.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team in conjunction with our partners and investors set the direction of the organisation. Our Executive Leadership Team, under Chief Executive Brian Stringer are responsible for developing and executing the long term strategic plan and diluting this down into an operable day to day running activity.


UKSDA is focusing on three key roles:

(1) leading, (2) enabling and (3) investing

The UKSDA will continue to evolve its leadership role within the industry, taking a whole or sector view, understanding the systems in which we operate both here and overseas, and the challenges and trends which will impact on operations. We will champion the value of sport across Governments and the broader community.

Continue to work with partners to improve the capacity and capability of sports organisations to enable them to thrive as viable operations and maximise their contribution to high performance and participation outcomes. We will translate and share analytics and insights for partners to drive improved decision making.

Investing in organisations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, targeting our investment to those who are ready to deliver, and holding them accountable for achieving results.

Our focus
Our focus is to drive greater involvement, engagement and capability in UK sport. To do this, we invest in local sports clubs and national sporting organisations and work with them to achieve greater sport participation outcomes and industry growth.

Our work includes:
determining and recognising the peak national bodies for sports in the UK

supporting sports people, sports clubs and associations with expertise and guidance in areas such as governance, financial advisory, workforce development, marketing, and digital technology

undertaking sector insights and market research to ensure evidence-based decision making informs policies and programs

enhancing a sports innovation strategy that can be deployed by all to drive sport and economic opportunities for the UK

developing resources and programmes that drive greater involvement and participation in organised sport across the UK (such as Sporting Schools)
supporting sports to improve business operations through best practice governance principles and organisational enhancement projects

creating innovative digital solutions to build capability and connectivity across the industry collaborating with strategic partners across industry, government, not-for-profit, technology and academia to support shared priorities

delivering resources that provide guidance to support inclusive, safe and ethical sport

providing sports for all a programme that facilitates sports for all ages, gender and social backgrounds.

Be Empowered by Sport is an initiaitve which aims to increase participation in sport, strengthen social inclusion and promote the voluntary activities of marginalised, socially excluded youth in UK. 

ClubNet is a programme that supports sports clubs and organisations to deliver insight-driven and participant initiatives, plans, products and experiences. Its purpose is two fold. one to ensure that those who want to be are the best they can be in their field and secondly to provide the clubs and associations with additional revenue streams to help ensure their future. 

The UK Sports Development Association acts as a collective voice for its members to ensure the industry is at the forefront of central government thinking affecting the provisions, financial, structural and legislative for sport in the UK. Highlights.

The UKSDA has created the country’s first invite only member’s residential centre for coaches and managers involved in amateur and professional sport. It is a new way for people within the industry to keep up to date with training methods and legislation. Highlights.

In 2020 the UKSDA formed UK Sports Tours created by the acquisition of travel brand STA Holidays. The UK Sports Tours (UKST) now provides a dedicated UK tour facility for touring clubs and associations to engage in competitive league, or regional and national events in addition to a host of friendly recreational matches. 


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